Construction Standards

West Custom Homes, LLC builds every custom home to suit the individual needs and preferences of each homeowner.  We are committed to maintaining the highest level of quality throughout every phase of the construction process.  The following list outlines our minimum construction standards.  The homeowner always has the final word when it comes to the quality of materials going into his/her home.

* The following list is not comprehensive. It only serves as a guideline to assist homeowners during the homebuilding process.
  • Foundation
    • Most lots have a core sample taken to determine soil conditions
    • An engineered foundation drawing is designed based on the soil test
    • While most of our foundations are post tension, the owner has the option to choose between conventional steel, post tension, or pier and beam
    • Every post tension foundation receives two inspections:
      • Pre-pour inspection to insure the foundation is constructed according to the plan
      • Elongation inspection to insure the cables are properly stressed
  • Framing
    • All exterior plates are 2x4 or 2x6 treated pine depending on wall thickness
    • Studs are 2x4 or 2x6 placed 16” on center
    • Exterior walls are sheathed with 7/16” OSB and covered with Tyvek (or equivalent) vapor barrier
    • All ceiling joists and rafters are plan specific
    • All sub floors are tongue and groove plywood which is glued and nailed over an engineered floor joist system.  The floor system consists of engineered I-joists or trusses.
    • James Hardie material (or equivalent) is used for all siding, fascia, and soffit.  We use perforated soffit (as opposed to vent strips) combined with ridge vents to ensure adequate attic ventilation.  Vinyl soffit and aluminum fascia is also available.
  • Roofing
    • All roofs are decked with 7/16" OSB roof decking
    • A 30yr architectural shingle is standard
    • Ridge vents are used on all roofs to maximize attic ventilation
  • Doors, Trim, and Cabinets
    • All exterior doors (excluding front door) can be either metal or fiberglass based on the homeowner’s preference.
    • The front door for each home is specifically selected by the homeowner
    • All interior doors are hollow-core paint-grade with many styles to choose from.  Solid-core and stain grade doors are available as an option.
    • Interior trim (casing, base, crown, etc.) is plan specific and selected by the homeowner.  Trim packages are discussed in advance to determine adequate allowances.
    • All cabinets are custom made to fit each specific house. 
  • Energy Efficiency
    • Low-E, double-paned, insulated, vinyl frame windows are standard on all homes.  Other options are also available.
    • All openings (windows, doors, pipe and wire penetrations, frame corners) are sealed with poly-seal during the insulation process.
    • All homes have fiberglass batts insulation in the walls (R-13 or R-19 depending on wall thickness) and R-30 blown fiberglass in the attic.  Other options are available.
  • HVAC System
    • All heating and air condition systems are engineered specifically for each plan to determine proper tonnage
    • All homes are equipped with digital thermostats for convenience as well as efficiency
  • Plumbing
    • All homes are plumbed with either Pex or copper based on the homeowner’s preference.
    • All homes are piped for gas (if available) to the dryer, water heater, cooktop, and heater.  Gas can be added for outdoor cooking, lamps, etc.  All gas lines are installed using steel pipe.
    • The number of hot water heaters is plan specific. Water heaters can be gas or electric depending on availability in the community
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